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Concrete floor surface preparation instructions

The two necessary criteria for proper floor coating adhesion is the removal of surface contaminants and the creation of a profile suitable for coating adhesion.

floor coating instructions step 1 STEP #1: Sweep or power blow entire floor surface area.

floor coating instructions step 2 STEP #2: Typically old concrete floors have contaminants which must be removed prior to coating. Using a diluted degreaser and hot water (1 to 1), you should scrub those areas vigorously. Heavy contaminated or oily areas should be concentrated and repeated if necessary.

floor coating instructions step 3 STEP #3: Add 1 quart of floor prep solution into 4 quarts of hot water in a plastic sprinkling can or plastic pump sprayer and mix. This will yield sufficient premix to cover up to 500 sq. ft. Sweep the surface to remove loose debris and scrub off excess grease and oil.

floor coating instructions step 4 STEP #4: Cleaning a 10' x 10' section at a time, dampen the surface with a fine spray of water first and using the sprayer, apply the premix evenly over the surface. Scrub the premix into the surface with a stiff bristled broom until the foaming stops. Move to next 10' x 10' area.

NOTE: If no foaming occurs, surface has been previously sealed and this will prevent penetration of premix. Remove the sealer and reapply premix. Diamond grinding will remove sealer.

floor coating instructions step 5 STEP #5: After application of floor prep solution sprinkle baking soda on all treated floor areas. Triple rinse the surface with a water hose. Scrub while rinsing to insure removal of all loosened material.

NOTE: It is best to scrub in both directions.

After the surface has dried, check any glossy or oily areas by applying a few drops of water. If water does not penetrate quickly, re-etch the affected areas.

Allow the floor to dry fully before coating (approx. 6 hours). A power blower can be used to assist in the evaporation of the remaining water. Once your floor is dry, rub your fingers on the concrete and check your fingers for a film. If there is no film, you are prepared for application of the coating. Remember you must remove contaminants and create a profile before coating or your coating will not adhere correctly.


NOTE: When coating Performance Epoxy™ in previously coated areas, you must make sure the coating is bonding, cleaned and sanded with a 100 - 120 grit sandpaper prior to application of Performance Epoxy™. If the previous coating is not bonding you must remove the failed coating. Using the clean & prep solution is not needed.

Mixing Instructions

Rinse and dry mixing kit bucket with a clean rag prior to mixing. Install the supplied mixing tool into a high speed drill. Mix Part "A" of Performance Epoxy™ in its original bucket for 2 minutes. Pour 1 part of Performance Epoxy™ Part "B" into 2 parts of Performance Epoxy™ Part "A" using the measuring stick supplied with the kit. Follow the guidelines for the recommended mixing and coverage on the measuring stick. Mix thoroughly with the mixing tool for 3 minutes paying close attention to mixing all around the buckets sides and raising and lowering the mixing tool. Please read instruction labels on epoxy lids and mixing sticks.

Immediately pour ALL mixed contents in a line on the floor. After mixing, you have up to 15 minutes working time @ 70° degrees F (lower at higher temps).

Mixing must be very thorough (3 minutes) or the coating will not cure and clean up and removal of the uncured epoxy will be costly and very time consuming.

NOTE: If more then one kit is purchased with unlike "Batch #'s", you should batch mix (mix together) the Part "A's" prior to mixing with Part "B". This is done for proper color stability and consistency.

Application Instructions

Immediately after mixing and starting in the farthest corner of the room, pour mixed contents (parallel to, and approx. 2' from the wall). Using the kit brush, cut in the perimeter walls (or any other obstruction that may be hard to roll).

Using the kit squeegee, (perpendicular to the poured line of epoxy) draw the epoxy from the back wall with the squeegee until there is no more wet epoxy to draw back. (10' x 12' @ 9.7 mils or 10' x 5.9' @ 20 mils.) Continue to squeegee pulling this product down the line until complete. With the kit roller, perpendicular to squeegee application, roll the epoxy until even and consistent. After backrolling go to the next section, squeegee and backroll.

After the second section is backrolled, go back to the first section and re-backroll it completely (approx. 10 minutes after first backroll). Divide the kit flakes into the number of section applications you will perform. In small amounts sprinkle the kit flakes into the floor by evenly throwing the flakes into the air 5 ft or higher and allowing them to fall into the wet coating on the first section only. Remember, only flake a section after the 2nd backroll is complete.

If an additional non-slip flooring is desired, apply the kit aluminum oxide by sprinkling small amounts of aluminum oxide into the floor by evenly throwing the aluminum oxide into the air 5 ft or higher and allowing them to fall into the wet coating.

NOTE: Aluminum oxide will make the floor more slip resistant but will make it harder to clean, it should be used according to your desired needs.

Continue to coat the next areas by repeating steps.

NOTE: Performance Epoxy™ full kit can cover UP TO 500 sq. ft. and Performance Epoxy™ 1/2 kit can cover UP TO 250 sq. ft. in a one-coat application on clean smooth concrete. Coverage will be reduced for rough concrete or thick applications.

Performance Epoxy™ should be applied in multiple coats if necessary in contaminated or rough areas. (Application must be performed within 18 hours or less for proper inter-coat bonding. After 18 hours sand with 120 grit sandpaper).

NOTE: Performance Epoxy™ is a 100% solids epoxy that can be applied from 1 mil DFT to 500 mils DFT and can be used to patch concrete.

Dry Time
Dry time for foot traffic in 18 hours and heavy traffic in 24 hours at room temperature (70° degrees F) regardless of thickness. Longer at cooler temperatures. Temperature and humidity can affect dry time. AS WITH MANY HIGH PERFORMANCE FLOOR COATINGS FULL CHEMICAL RESISTANT CURE IS 3 DAYS.


Performance Epoxy™ cleans up with Xylene (xylol) thinner. If you desire to dispose, pour remaining product back into 6 gallon bucket, mix for 3 minutes and harden. Dispose of in accordance with local, state and federal laws.


Recommended floor cleaning solution is Performance Epoxy™ C-900 cleaning solution (can be purchased on-line @ www.performanceepoxy.com). Some floors may be cleaned with a mild degreaser and water with normal mopping.


AVOID CONTACT WITH SKIN AND EYES. For skin contact wash affected area with soap and water, rinse well for 15 minutes.

Cleaning solution contains muratic acid. Eye and skin irritant. You should wear rubber gloves with safety glasses when preparing floor and applying Performance Epoxy™.


In case of contact with eyes or skin, clean with soap and water and then flush with cold water for 15 minutes. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Drink 2 cups of water or milk. Contact a physician immediately and seek medical attention. Material Safety Data Sheets are available on line at www.???.com.


Performance Epoxy™ shall warranty its coating against peeling for the lifetime of the floor for the original purchaser, from its purchase date, proving its application is in accordance with Performance Epoxy™ preparation and application procedures and the warranty registration certificate is completely filled out and mailed or e-mailed back within 10 days of purchase. This warranty applies to peeling coatings caused as a direct result of product failure. The sole and exclusive maximum liability of Performance Epoxy™ under this warranty will be to replace the appropriate quantity necessary for re-coating warranted area. Please allow for shipping and handling.

The express warranties set forth in this purchase are in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Customer agrees that its exclusive remedies, and the entire liability of Performance Epoxy™ with respect to the specified floor coatings, are set forth in this agreement. Performance Epoxy™ will not be liable to customer for any damages, including any lost profits or other incidental or consequential damages arising out of its use of the floor coating or the breach of any warranty.
  • Hydrostatic pressure (Hydrostatic pressure is caused from moisture being present underneath the concrete slab. Hydrostatic pressure can cause blisters, bubbles and other effects in a resinous coating).
  • Performance Epoxy™ cannot warranty an existing coatings adhesion to the concrete.
  • Sub-surface contaminants (Oil or other contaminants that can come up from within the concrete slab) could cause coating failure.
  • Deficient Concrete (concrete that breaks apart) and exhibits reduced integrity
  • Wear resistance
  • Uncontrollable conditions that could affect coatings appearance
  • Non-Residential Applications

Typically Asked Questions

Can my Performance Epoxy™ be used for other surfaces other than concrete?

Although this product is designed for concrete, you could use it on most surfaces that can accept an epoxy, like wood or metal. Performance Epoxy™ may be used outside but may fade over time.
With new or uncoated concrete, do I have to prepare the surface?

Should I powerwash my floor?

It does help to power wash the floor to remove surface contaminants or loose coatings or debris. It does not eliminate the normal preparation steps, which we specify. Power washing removes contaminants but does not create the necessary profile for coatings proper adhesion.
How can I remove dried Performance Epoxy™ from driveway concrete?

We recommend using a safe paint stripper (home use). You can also use a power washer or hand held diamond grinder to remove this stripper.
What should I do if bubbles appear during coating?

Using a power blower, blow the epoxy floor surface while still wet.
What should I do if color variations appear when coating?

Continue to reroll floor until even, then flake.

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